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The Classic Ubigod's Hurricane Comics ran on TannLine during 1999 and 2000.  Ubigod's Hurricane 2001 may or may not have anything to do with these comics.

Introduction to the Hurricane. Meet the Hurricane, comic strip star extraorinaire.  Unfortunately he works for the mercurial Ubigod.

Hanging out in the Backstage Cafe.  Hurricane consults with another comic strip super hero, Super Jr. before setting off for greener comic strip pastures.

Ubigod's Breakdown.  Ubigod (the voice from beyond the fourth wall, usually in blue ink) in consultation with his bald assistant, Joe, realizes he may have made a mistake casting off the star of his comic strip.

Joe's Quest for Hurricane.  On orders from Ubigod, Joe searches for the Hurricane to bring him back and meets Minor Control.

For now it just kind of ends. I'm not sure if Ubigod will finish it but if he does I'm sure he'll let us all know.



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